AirPods Pro Review summary: Sound Good bass, Good Mids and Good Treble. Generally, It sounds very clear. Now comes the noise cancelling; WOW. I mean, with just a click, the world goes silent. It's perfect when listening music while taking a walk outside. The Microphone is bad Comfort AirPods Pro have silicone ear-tips that just rest on your ear. They make the Noise cancelling work and are easy to clean and remove Only if you leave noise cancelling on for too long your ears and head can start to hurt. UX On Apple products, they work great. But on Android not Battery Life Back in 2020 when I bought them, the battery was great. But now in 2022, It is slowly starting to show it's age.
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HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF PC |  | | $42
iPad 8th generation 32gb wifi only |  | | €90
Computer + Monitor(€20) |  | | FREE
Power Mac G4 |  | | €39
PC (no HDD) |  | | €15
HP PC (no HDD and RAM) |  | | €15
Windows XP Intel Artom PC + Mouse and Keyboard |  | | FREE
Apple iPad A1395 16GB Silver with old
leather case and charger |  | (SF Bay Area) | $40

HP Micro ATX Tower PC |  | (SF Bay Area) | $60
Apple iPad 1st Gen. 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in
A1219 |  | (SF Bay Area) | $55

Two (2) Apple iPad Minis (1st Gen.) - 16GB -
WiFi |  | (SF Bay Area) | $50

HP Pavilion Desktop Computer Complete |  | (SF) | $25
Apple iMac G5 2005 2.1 GHz 20" |  | (SF) | $40
Dell 3650 Compact Desktop |  | (NYC) | $180
Zoostorm PC Desktop Tower Computer. Intel Windows 7 |  | | £48
Intel Atom SFF PC |  | | £54
Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop PC |  | | £54


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