Update log

May 25 2022, Websites' first stable release published

May 26 2022, Changed logo and banner, new navbar, new backgrounds, jailbreak page updated, vms page updated, tech Discussions page updated, new font added, index updated

May 27 2022, navbar hover color changed

June 1 2022, navbar re-designed, index text re-designed, added new gifs

June 5 2022, neumorphism added to every page

June 7 2022, "Tech Discussions" renamed to "Tech News", added transition to index when refreshed or visited (fade)

June 13 2022, Added status bar and express news bar to index

June 16 2022, Created mobile verison of the MacTech Website, updated navbar, changed background color of jailbreaking page, updated tech news, updated news express, updated status

June 17 2022, re-designed Index, added Kodi page

June 30 2022, re-designed the whole Website. Updated News express

July 3 2022, Fixed bugs, updated Index text, added new hackintosh page

July 4 2022, Added page visitors counter

July 6 2022, Added "How to add the Pwnage Archive repo to Cydia" to the Jailbreaking page

July 8 2022, added check-out marquee, added articles section, added yellow hover effect, added new favicon

July 10 2022, re-designed navbar, re-designed index

July 12 2022, fixed navbar, fixed articles box, removed news express (RIP)