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Apple officialy discontinued the iPod line.

Apple announced that they will stop producing iPods and that the iPod's spirit lives on with apple's other products.

PRICE SHOCK! Apple leaks confirm that the iPhone 14's price will significantly increase!


Apple confirms that the iPhone 14 and 14 pro max will cost $100 more than the previous model and that the new iPhone 14 Max will cost $200 more than the iPhone 13 Mini that it replaces.

Top new macOS Ventura features


Apple introduced their new macOS version: macOS Ventura.

Here are it's top new features:

-Mail (Smart search corrections, Smart search suggestions, Undo send, ...)

-Spotlight (Preview files with Quick Look, Quick actions, ...)

Safari (Shared Tab Groups, Tab Group start pages, ...)

Passkeys: Passkeys replace passwords with an easier and safer sign‑in method.

Messages (Collaboration invitations, Collaboration updates, ...)

Stage Manager (Center app, Fast access to windows and apps, Updated apps on the side, Group apps together, ...)

Continuity Camera (Use your iPhone as your webcam, Use your iPhone as your Mac microphone, ....)

There are a bunch of more features to the new OS that you can find on the official Apple website.

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