Philips TAT 1215 Wireless Headphones Review

So, a little backstory: My brother got these pair of bluetooth headphones a while back for 20€. He didn't need them anymore so he gave it to me. I tried them out, and they didn't really sound that horrible to be honest.

A lot people criticize them for low bass, low battery life and bad user experience.

Which can be true some times. They do sound kinda flat and pairing them is a nightmare.


Basic Info

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Frequency response: 20 - 20 000 Hz

Acoustic system: Closed

Speaker diameter: 6mm


As I said, they do sound flat but they still have bass. Not very excellent bass, but ok bass. I don't know how to explain it, but they just sound, hollow. For example, in the song Footprints by Tom Gregory, when he says the letter "s", It sounds like somebody just screeched into your ear. They also get pretty loud too. I mean, for 20€, you can't really complain.


I'd say they are pretty comfortable. With their silicone ear-tips, they just silide into your ear. Sometimes I even forget that they are in my ears lol. At first you can feel some pressure in your ears, but then you get used to it. The buds are slightly bigger than the AirPods Pros' but are still compact. The case is slightly thicker too. It has a big button on each bud that is easily accessible. All in all, they are pretty comfortable.

User experience

Oh god. Now of course, for 20€, the user experience is gonna be trash. For example when pairing to a new device, you've gotta disconect it from the previous device it was connected to. But once you did that, it will automaticly connect to your device once inserted in your ear. Also another thing I realized is, when you change the volume on the MacBook Pro TouchBar slider, it takes some time to actually change the volume. It can sometimes also play the song while it is in it's case and still connected to your device. That can be extremely annoying sometimes. It's maximum range is 10m.

Battery Life

Now personally, I never had a problem with it's battery life. Philips claims, that their music play time is 6+12 hrs, their call time 3 hrs and their standby time 50 hrs. Also the headphones' battery type is Lithium-Ion.


Now comes the real question, would I recommend them? Umm... kinda, for regular use (YouTube, Background music, Podcasts, etc...) and less for actual music. It's not totally unrecommended, I mean you still get bluetooth headphones with acceptable sound. But if you save up some money, you could buy some better headphones.