Jailbreaking and Downgrading an iPad 2 to iOS 6

Written on May 3rd 2022, 9:06PM

So a little backstory, I bought an iPad 2 from Willhaben for around 30€. Then I wanted to downgrade it to iOS 6 because iOS 9.3.5 was very buggy on this old system. I watched a tutorial on how to do it. I first had to jailbreak it with a software called "3uTools". It didn't go that well becsuse it always failed. It was because of Windows defender blocking it. So I gave up, until I tried it on Windows 7. Surprisingly, it worked perfectly on Windows 7 because of its outdated Security. I have successfully jailbroken it and now I had to install Cydia via Phoenix. After that, I had to install the repository for Downgrading. One that was done, the iPad went to DFU Mode and I was ready to downgrade. I flashed the ipsw file onto the iPad and everything went out well.

The iPad booted up and the iOS 6 setup screen showed up. I was successful!