The Hackintosh Journey

Welcome to the Hackintosh Journal! On this page, I will document my whole Hackintoshing Journey. I would just like to state that I've been attempting Hackintosh way before this website was even created. I tried to run Snow Leoprad on a HP Compaq PC with an Intel Core i5 Ivy-Bridge . So I burned a copy of iBoot on a 4GB CD-Rom Disk and booted off of it. Once I insterted an USB Flash drive containing a copy of Snow Leopard, pressed F5 and entered the Setup, it spamed a Kernel Panic. I was scratching my head and searching for answers and I have come to the conclusion, that I had a faulty copy of Snow Leopard on my Flash Drive. So I left it at the door and waited for another day to come to try again.

Backstory So I just wanted to tell a quick backstory, my dad acutually succeed once in running OS X Lion or Mountain Lion on his PC. He bought a copy of the Operating System and probably burnt it to a CD Disk or a Flash Drive. That is either lost in history or somewhere on his computer. Anyways, we are not trying to install OS X Lion here, but rather Snow Leopard.

The Beggining of the Journey Today (Sat, Jul 2 2022) was the Beggining of this Journey. I didn't make much progress because I didn't have a CD-Rom with enough capacity to store the 7GB .dmg file. I will buy a CD-Rom with enough capacity on Monday because the stores are not open on Sunday and its like midnight right now so yeah, I will see you next time.

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