My Collection

iPod Nano 3rd Generation

4GB, Silver, around 250 songs on it, Cost: 30$

2006 iMac w. Front Row remote

1GB Ram, Intel core 2 duo 2GHz, MacOS X Snow Leopard, remote, Mighty Mouse, Apple Keyboard, iLife '09, iWork '09, Cost: 30$

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation x2

Both of them 1GB storage, For the silver one I paid 13$ and the purple ones' price is unknown

iPad 2

2nd gen iPad, 32GB Storage, JAILBROKEN, iOS 6, Cost: 30$


I used to have a Commodore 64 but I had to throw it away. It was also just useless due to me not having a CRT monitor.

2 iPhone 4

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